22 February 2014

a word from your hostess, Carole M.

If I don't spread the word every now and then, that I'll be dropping the occasional post over on my other little blog-spot, Snap Happy Online, you will never know.  

It's where you'll find the occasional post that is non-bird related.

That's what happens when you go changing the name of your blog to Snap Happy Birding;  I put myself into a tight corner!!  Maybe I should've decided on just Snap Happy, and that would've covered the lot.

However, I'm more than happy to segregate the two, and hope you'll visit my other blog too, sign up if you choose (I hope), and come share this little adventure with me won't you?

Today's post when you click on over to Snap Happy Online is:  Sssssh...and listen to nature


eileeninmd said...

I always enjoy nature. I will be happy to follow your blog. Lovely image. Have a happy weekend!

E.liza"BETH" said...

i am happy with whatever you pick - i rather enjoy your views that you share. birdies or what not. love the moss. hope you are well. take care. ( :

we will see birds next time. it's all good.

Patricia said...

I love birds, and I love nature...sure I will love both blogs!

TexWisGirl said...

it would never be a problem for me if you posted other content besides birds here. i follow so many blogs that i select only one from a blogger if they have multiple sites. just my own 'rule' to try to contain my list to a small bazillion!

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Love all the moss. I went over to your other blog and am now following you there too.

Ida said...

Oh that mossy shot is pretty. I will pop over and check out your other blog.

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Gordon said...

That's really funny Carole, its hard to tell how big they are, say compaired to ours.
I'll look into your other blog.
All the best Gordon.

Judi Gray said...

its a beautiful photo! Love the moss.. as for the photo category.. its your blog add what you love :)