29 February 2012

Watery Wednesday

Location: Lake Macquarie; one from the archives ...

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Triptych Trees

World Bird Wednesday - Wetlands

Royal Spoonbill

Welcome Swallows enjoying the masses of mosquitoes.  Insect repellent was most welcome too, and when we went back to the cars, if the windows had been left open they would be full of them!

 It's all about the people too; not just the birds you get to see.  Everyone is only too happy to share their knowledge of the birds you mightn't have seen before.

Location: Ash Island, and way in the distance up the road (with wetlands either side), was a Yellow Wagtail creating much interest.  Since all I saw was a snippet of yellow as it flew away, via birdway.com, is this splendid photograph  of a male Yellow Wagtail © Ian Montgomery

I was fascinated with this awesome telescopic camera kit!

Location: Stockton, and a portion of the Stockton Bridge

Bar-tailed Godwits 

Black-fronted Dotterel

Eastern Curlew

 Red-capped Plover

A Caspian Tern back left, amongst the seagulls, basking in the mid afternoon sun.

Three birding posts you may have missed outside of W.B.W. posts

Cormorants fishing
Channel-billed Cuckoo
Noisy Miner

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28 February 2012

Sydney Street walking

Just outside of the Palace gates at the Royal Botanic Gardens, and into Macquarie Street; it was time now to walk back to the rail station.

along the way,  some eye-catching sculptures

while standing at the lights, waiting to walk the pedestrian crossing,  I'd have a moment to aim my camera upwards

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27 February 2012

Out in the fresh air and sunshine ..

Starting point for walking and exploring

Juvenile Fig Bird

now at Leneghans Swamp

this guy came down to check us out  ...

just some of the group

Out came folding chairs from car-boots for morning-tea time.  I got lucky with a nice coffee; no short-cuts here; nothing like home comforts on the side of the road!   A welcome respite from the hot sun in what shade could be found.

Another two locations visited will make up the follow-on posts, coming soon.

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6.30 a.m., the street lights still on, and a glorious sunrise this morning

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26 February 2012

Noisy Miner

...snapped through the window; Noisy Miner enjoying the early morning nectar from Australian native, Bottlebrush

Botanic Gardens - last call

Upper levels, back view, of Conservatorium of Music.  Website: Australian Castles/Gothic architecture offers the full frontal here

a welcoming respite from the sun, under the fig-tree canopy

Read of the incredible fate in 1882, of  The Garden Palace  to which this beautiful sandstone and wrought-iron gateway belonged . 
(Linked to Sydney Architecture)

I'll be sure to return to the gardens again before too long; there is so much to explore still.

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