31 October 2011

Wattle by a bushland track

On a World Wide Wattle site it's alleged that Australia has about 985 of the known 1380 species of acacia in the world.  That's a lot of wattles!  Green and gold, the colours of Australia; our national floral emblem, is the wattle. 

The first day of September is recognized as Wattle Day


30 October 2011

Jenolan Caves

In a national park location, part of the Greater Blue Mountains Heritage World area, three hours drive from Sydney's airport.  Jenolan Caves House built in 1897, is adorned in cascading wisteria.

According to Blue Mountains Australia website, more than 400 caves have been discovered at Jenolan since 1830; however their full extent remains unknown.

These photos were taken inside a single one of the caves; though there are guided tours available within ten caves in total.

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Paua shell

Abalone shell; commercially harvested from coastal waters of New Zealand.

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29 October 2011

Kangaroos... this afternoon

Went out to take some new photos today to share here on my blog.  For those of you living in other parts of the world who don't get to see the kangaroo up close and personal, I've got a treat for you.

The location is known for its huge kangaroo population explosion over the years, where it also adjoins a large state recreation area tract of bushland.

oops; I'm feeling a little dizzy...

it's that rotten itch again!

Autumn .. my favourite time of year

On my side of the world, we're currently into Spring, but Autumn has long been the season I look forward to the most.  It being always, a welcome respite from searing Summers.  Because of our climate here, the only real colour change I can enjoy in my own garden, comes from some the crepe myrtles.

A trip way down south though to Buchan Caves, in Victoria/Australia, offered these three lovely photo opportunities.  Remembering the quietness, and being aware of a gentle breeze every now and then.  A rustle, and the magical play of colourful leaves slowly drifting to the ground, as if suspended by tiny parachutes. 

Looking up into a beautiful Ginkgo tree, growing in the Japanese Gardens, Adelaide, Sth. Australia

Finally a vibrant red maple, at Mt. Wilson, in the Blue Mountains, just two hours from Sydney, N.S.W.

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Weekend Flowers #18 .... it's a Protea, growing in the Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens, at Mt. Tomah, N.S.W., Australia.

According to their website: "the garden sits on the summit of a basalt-capped peak, 1,000 metres above sea level in the World Heritage listed Greater Blue Mountains."

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28 October 2011

Artistree ...any tree can make your picture

From The Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden, on the Stuart Highway, Port Augusta, South Australia, to my Creative Exchange entry for this week.

From the original photograph, some coloured-charcoal enhancements added; then a toggle with the hues and saturation levels.

From this one first ...

and this one before it ...a beautiful ageing and twisted tree

As you drive in ....a crispy early morning start, with long shadows

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Chestnuts behind the fence

For Friday's Fences #5 it's chestnuts from Bright, in Victoria, Australia.

Had never seen a chestnut tree before this trip, though I have tasted roasted chestnuts before, and they're not especially to my liking. Thinking they're an acquired taste perhaps.

Love the spreading tree though! Guess there's a machine goes along the rows and shakes the chestnuts down when they're ready to harvest.

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Nymph .. in psychedelic dreamland

For this weeks Photo Art Friday I've enjoyed using Bonnies (Pixel Dust Photo Art) Happy Days Texture, with an added watercolour twist.  Vignette adjustments had been used to the original image before layering, using Corel's PhotoImpact X3.

And to the original photo for you; dream a while, with a brief cyber-visit into the world of Nod ... in a magical place.  Taken at Brunos Art and Sculpture Gardens in Victoria, Australia (featured in a few of my recent posts).

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Photo Art Friday

26 October 2011

Dragonfly ... magical, storybook look-a-like.

...said I'd be posting more from Bruno's Art and Sculpture Garden.

Watery Wednesday meme is an ideal opportunity to use this delightful fairy-tale creation and bring it to share with you.

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Fairy Wrens

Splendid Fairy-wren Malurus cyaneus 14 cm., is difficult to photograph because of its quick, jerky movements. To have these photographs of both the male and jenny-wren in my garden is special.

They can be recognised when in close vicinity (described in my Readers Digest/Birds of Australia),  by their loud accelerating trill; 'tsee' of alarm; sharp 'prrip-prrip' contact call.

In the hot summer, a male wren (perhaps this fellow),  is sometimes very determined to fight with his reflection in the windows here, while his little harem of may be four or five jennys, continue to fossick around the garden.  I've often been concerned he'll knock himself up in the heat of the day!

These photos taken a little down the coast, in the Munmorah State Conservation Area/National Park.

Later notation: After reading this article in Australian Geographic, I'm wondering if the 'harem' I'd referred to, could more likely have been the male fairy-wren and his jenny (female partner), with several juveniles.

Have left a comment there and await an answer. 

A tree with a difference ...

When the notorious Victorian 2009 bushfires raced through Marysville, Brunos Art  and Sculpture Garden was destroyed.  I'd so much enjoyed several hours visiting there, taking in the many wonderful talents exhibited by Bruno Torfs, just six months prior.

It is rather an intruiging partly-sculptured tree isn't it?!  I love its charm and quirkiness; and admire the creative spirit in Bruno that conjures up something so magical.

I will most definately be sharing more photographs from this visit, and in the meantime, you can learn more, on Bruno's website here.

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Cymbidium: Ruby Anniversary

 It's my only cymbidium orchid; aptly named, Ruby Anniversary.  It had been an E-bay purchased gift from a daughter, for that very special occasion, a few years back.

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25 October 2011

Sculpture at Tarrawarra

For Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday, I've used "Gauze Sheers" with "And Then Some".

Both texture layers have been erased (in part) to fully reveal the commissioned sculpture,  creating a textured background effect only. 

My photograph was taken at the Tarrawarra Museum of Art at Healesville, Victoria.  This sculpture being one of three outdoors, represents the abundance of the region (sheep/wool, fruits etc.)


Iguana - Textures

This photograph taken at the Healesville Sanctuary - Zoos Victoria.

Quotography at {My}Perspective

Later edit: So nice to pick up Nicolasa's button for this week's "Top 3"! Thanks a bunch everyone, and congrats too to all who entered; I love quotography!

Quotography at {My}Perspective