31 December 2012

Wishing you ...



From a gift package of bulbs sent to me in 2009, this one is named Leslie Woodriff.  It grows tall, and needs staking.  The flowers face downwards and have a wonderful, heady perfume.  These photos taken moments ago ....


30 December 2012

Myuna Bay - Part Three



 Little Black Cormorant

it was at this the point that the man (Myuna Bay - Part Two) continued on his way, crossing back across the foot-bridge (where the Egret stood), to the other side.  "Have a good day" he said
...and the Egret took flight as he walked by
Not sure that I can edit to brighten the lighting on a video-clip at all? The day was sunny, maybe having the tele-converter lens on had some bearing on this result.

29 December 2012

Myuna Bay - Part Two

Eastern Rosella

 Noisy Miner
Crested Pigeon
 less brilliant plumage, perhaps a juvenile (Eastern Rosella)

warm waters from the Eraring Power Outlet, a favourite for the fishermen along this channel.  Arrow shows location of two egrets.
A guy walked nearby looking along the edge and I asked if he was going to do any fishing.  He said not today, nothing much happening, this place is usually full up (with fishermen) but there's too many sharks in here now (taking the fish). 
"Have you seen the rays" he asked me - No, would you see them easily around the edges??  "No, over in the middle, they come up out of the water and do a belly-flop, stunning the fish, and then they go down to pick them up".

Interesting information isn't it; and wish I'd thought to ask if there is a time of day that's likely to happen.  I must go back and look for the rays sometime; would LOVE to share a snapshot of that happening.
Little Egret

 differing coloured eye surround, and pink legs; is maybe an Intermediate Egret, what do you think?

no binoculars; I'd come just to take photographs

heading off down the channel (reminding me of a hang-glider)

and a safe landing

In case you missed it, Myuna Bay - Part One 

28 December 2012


they were a little bothered by the heat of the day and seen at the entry of a home decorator/cafe' shop.  Couldn't resist taking a snapshot, I've not seen roses like this before and they reminded me of gelato. 
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A fiesty electrical storm on Christmas Eve; this snapshot just after 8 p.m.   Two hours later it was still happening, the lightning just the same as this and it was raining hard.  Just over an inch of water...lovely for the gardens.

Taken from upstairs balcony, and showing a little of the guttering at right corner.  Would've loved to have stopped to take more photos but didn't like to risk standing out there.  How do those storm-chasers do it?  House items have been "frizzled" on three occasions during bad storms; I guess being near to Australia's largest coastal salt water lake has some bearing.

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27 December 2012

Myuna Bay - Part One

Was such a lovely weather start to the day, it deserved some soaking up, getting out somewhere for a photo shoot.   My cache' of photos from Myuna Bay will span through a few posts now, so am starting with the walk from where I parked, and some scenery images. Birding snapshots will start taking over in subsequent posts.

 a little white timber bridge in the distance.  Could hear small birds in the scrub on the right but nothing would reveal itself. 
there were seagulls here, and there, along the waters edge 

a pair of Plovers (Masked Lapwing) weren't happy me being around; I kept my distance

 the wooden bridge is coming up, to the right
high-wire act from the Crested Pigeon 
a peep through the trees

the other side of the bridge now. 
several of the Superb Fairy Wrens in the dense growth but of course kept way out of reach, darn...this is just to show they were out there and I had hoped for a good snap.  They dart about so quickly, maybe I'd have had half a chance if it'd stopped a moment.  More coming up in Part Two! 

26 December 2012

Magpie juvenile (and a video)

sitting on the back fence.   One of the parents is generally not too far away and this one can be very noisy

 up on the arbour now (top left)

hurry up Mum

and a video clip (re-post) from May, with three bird types bathing.

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Later addition:  Noticed many are using Christmas greeting birding photos, so I'm adding link to mine here

23 December 2012

A birding Christmas greeting

On a cold July morning at a bird sanctuary in Victoria, this charming King parrot was happy to be chatted to and pose for photographs.

To my blogging and birding friends, thank you for stopping by my blog throughout the year; your comments have always been so enjoyed and appreciated.  Best wishes, Peace and Happiness.

21 December 2012

A sweet Christmas video by the littlies in New Zealand

Forwarded onto me recently, I so loved this video that I thought it's got to bounce around the world some more. You may not have seen it yet ....?


19 December 2012

a little Christmas in the city

towering through three levels of  Sydney's Queen Victoria Building, it's just the tip of the Swarovski Christmas tree
21 metres of Christmas in Martin Place, Sydney.  The lights keep changing colours...
one of several David Jones department store window displays
Later addition: they're koalas