29 August 2014

is there a better way to ... say goodbye?

I'm not sure how best sums up the times of late when I've considered putting Snap Happy Birding, (and Snap Happy Online), to rest.  

Deep breath here, gosh, for a time I was counting the posts, thinking that I would need to come up with something a little special for post 1,000 when it ventured into cyberspace.  Instead, now on post #958,  I'm closing the door. Somewhat reluctantly, and very gently too, so you can barely hear it.

Know that I've totally loved taking snapshots for the purpose of sharing.  Most who visited my blogs are from overseas, and like you, I find it interesting to see and compare notes, from the other side of the world, whatever the topic may be.

Many of you have stopped by on a very regular basis, and I've always appreciated that, and of course, the comments you left behind.  Your names and faces are indelible in my mind, as if you live locally.  I visualize your part of the world also since you've shared this too.  

An interesting journey; I've learnt a lot from each of you on your own blogs. Thank you so much, I've enjoyed your friendly banter, and I'm sure that when I hit POST on this, that I will think of something much more suited perhaps, and well-put, for my finale' post.