31 July 2013

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

mesmerized by the warmth of the early morning sunshine

 Various parrots check out this potential nesting spot where decayed limbs had been hard-pruned some years back by local council management staff on a cherry-picker

stepping back from the tree, there are at least seven cockatoos up there

All but the tree image were taken at 1200mm, hand-held.  

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29 July 2013

Eastern Yellow Robin

Hello Sunshine!

nearby here - Lake Macquarie

amongst the tall Casuarinas (she-oaks)

26 July 2013

Bushland walk - Norah Head

white sandy pathways and russet-coloured male seedheads adorning the She-Oaks (Casuarinas)

Correa (Native Fuchsia)




Last September, the start of our spring-time, this same walk provided such lovely colourful native flowers.  I'll be sure to go back again in a couple months time to do it again.

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24 July 2013

A splash of pink - Galah

sitting in the Angophora tree


this one's on a Scribbly Gum

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21 July 2013

Willie Wagtail

before reaching the spot where the Willie Wagtail appeared, I couldn't pass on these beautiful reflections in the lake 

Willie Wagtail was down by that bare tree at the point

looking across to there; some (birds) have it lucky don't they?

20 July 2013

Silvereye and an ID opportunity

in amongst the mangroves

a lot of hard lighting to deal with but that eye sure stands out doesn't it?

I haven't the faintest!  Any suggestions?
Later addition:  Just this morning the answer was emailed to me, Yellow (Little) Thornbill.  Thanks Alan M.!

19 July 2013


with Intermediate Egret

I'm glad it's making such a good catch because this pelican has obviously been in the wars somehow, at one time

it was all happening down along here, at Lake Macquarie

17 July 2013

Whistling Kite

at the top of this Casuarina

looking out over the lake

where something was making a lot of noise a long way out; a school of fish, or could it have been a ray under there?  A long strip of movement?

it heard a bird calling from this side

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