30 July 2012

Galahs (again)

An ideal opportunity to gather a few more galah photographs mid afternoon, apparently it was preening time.  Sure they're maybe a seen one, seen them all parrot for many, but for my dropper-inners from the other side of the world, I know you'll find them quaint (like I still do).

They're sometimes a 'pet' caged bird (sadly), which will talk, and dance, with great aptitude. 

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29 July 2012

Australia's National Tree Day

Our 'tree day' today is Australia's largest community tree planting and nature care event, according to Speak for the Trees website. For school age children, around 2500 schools within Australia, will have already participated with planting seedling trees in their own school grounds on Friday 27th July, as part of Schools Tree Day.

..a wonderful angophora tree, down by the lake

and while I was standing there yesterday admiring this tree, a beautiful spot of colour alighted.  It's a galah (pronounce that gull-ah)

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28 July 2012

Grey Butcherbird

Parked at the roadside mid afternoon, beside Lake Macquarie State Conservation Area/Morisset section, watching out at this dead tree, rather hoping that I might capture a bird come to sun itself there. Maybe a sea-eagle? There is a pair frequent that location...

a Grey Butcherbird arrived on the lowest branch, the bird with a beautiful melodic voice.

it wasn't until I was editing the photos that I picked up on the old heavy chain with hook!  I believe there used to be a dairy farm on this parcel of land in yesteryears; I wonder what purpose the hook served then?  You can actually see it up in the top photo too.

27 July 2012

White-faced Grey Heron

Location: Soldiers Beach, Central Coast, N.S.W.

this one photographed locally, down by the bay.

26 July 2012


I'd really hoped to have some fun photos of the galahs that'd landed in this big old angophora tree out the back, in the bush corridor. Even with the tele-converter lens on, and unfortunately, also fighting against a lot of glare, no luck. The distance is just too great to get a good image under those conditons, and the pics had too much noise factor. 

Arrow marks position where galahs were (you'll see at bottom of this post)

It's a tree where I've taken photographs of various birds, parrots, cockatoos, from this window position, even on branches higher up.  At the bottom right of this photo you can see the wintering crepe-myrtle tops where I'd snapped the female rosella the other day.

This photo taken from a lower pathway in the back garden looking over the tibouchinas, and up to the tree. 

This one I kept just to share the moment, as the galahs flew to the sliced-off hole in a limb, which had eventuated from council-workers on a cherry-picker some years ago, when they were severing 'dangerous limbs'.  They put on quite a display of bobbing up and down and cleaning out the hole, singing out; quaint parrots they are.  Pink and grey is an eye-catching combination!

25 July 2012

Warners Bay - Part Two

Yesterday's post showed some scenery from the bay, while today's will take us just a little beyond, to a rather modernistic extension of the existing pathways. We'll get to walk over the water this time, via 380 metres of foot-way hugging the foreshore.

nice to stop a moment and admire native plantings; Banksia

and glorious wattle, with much still to open up

like this has

The little headland known locally as Redbluff.

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Eastern Rosella

These photos taken at home. Heard the chattering of rosellas landing on the guttering; had my camera nearby, and slid open a window. Moments later this female rosella flew across to the wintering crepe-myrtle tree to feed on the dried seed-pods. Just a lesser colour intensity than the male that'd visited for a mid May blog post this year.

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24 July 2012

Warners Bay - Part One

Melaleuca (paperbark)  I saw a magpie fly off with a huge chunk of this.  Good to know it served such a great purpose, I thought what a great lining for a new nest!


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