30 April 2013

Superb Fairy Wren

Superb Fairy Wrens make their way through the bush corridor regularly lately so some more snapshots of these beautiful little birds to share.

Out and about chasing up insects

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29 April 2013

White-bellied Sea Eagle

This post is with a little intruige, and even though the images are distant and somewhat fuzzy, I think you'll be intruiged along with me.

Don't we get caught out sometimes?  Was indoors and stopped to think about a noise I'd heard in the distance out there somewhere, several times over.  Went out; was it a duck or ....??  Looked to the trees out the back, nothing. Walked around the house, then saw, up in the sky long ways away, two big birds gliding around on the thermals.

Goodness!!  Go get the camera!

I'm thinking a pair of White-bellied Sea Eagles.  Cropped images; see what you think .......

 the one on the right, it has differing markings around the top of chest, white marks on the wing extensions... so maybe it's still a juvenile?  

 it takes two to tango?

 Someone's house roof is showing at the bottom left of this photo unfortunately and I guess the focus went to it, instead of the birds for this one

Shame they were so far away, better luck another day!

As for the voice, my Readers Digest Birding reference describes it as 'harsh, metallic, goose-like'

28 April 2013

Eastern Rosella

It was late this afternoon and two rosellas were tucking into the crepe-myrtle seedheads.  One wasn't quite in the right place to photograph so I'm doubling up with two of the same bird.  When I edged along for a better position to take more pics, you guessed it, off they went.

27 April 2013

White-faced Heron

Surprise, a blog name change!  It seemed appropriate, since Caroles Creative Corner, had slowly evolved into this, my passion.  That is, combining both a love of birds, with taking photos of them.  Along-with birds, there'll be a sprinkling of location and scenery shots some times too.

Yesterday, at Wyong, N.S.W., with tele-converter lens, hand-held.  Click on any photo to see the larger version ...

My bird reference book describes voice as a 'harsh, metallic croak'

26 April 2013

Little Black Cormorant

birds eye view next the White-faced Grey Heron, just for a moment though

before I go scratch that itch!

Location: Wyong, N.S.W.

25 April 2013

Pacific Black Duck

Seen at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

Superb Fairy Wrens

...just as well my photos are hobby-only, record photos, and 'sharing' photos. To try and catch the ultimate, perfect shot, with bird in the "right light" wasn't going to happen yesterday morning.

There was good light but too much sunshine, and it was heading towards the camera lens. Took these snaps from a certain spot when I first saw the wrens on the native banksia shrubs, always thinking take what you can get first, and then try for something better if you can.

When I slowly stepped a little further along to try and get those sought-after snapshots from the 'right angle' - the wrens decided to move on too.

Well, not to be daunted, I just think I was lucky to get what I got at least, making for another little birding post.

No obvious males dressed in blue/black today; these would all be either females (jenny-wrens), or juvenile males.

Birds in Backyards fact sheet/Superb Fairy Wren - there too is the opportunity to  hear the beautiful sweet vocals of these delightful little birds.  Look for the audio down the right-hand side of fact sheet.

maybe not an award-winning angle but I wanted to share how sweet that tail 

Location: Bonnells Bay, N.S.W.

24 April 2013

Dusky Moorhen and Maned (Wood) Duck

Location: Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

Dusky Moorhen

strutting beside the lotus pond

I'll be sure to return when the lotus flowers are happening!

Maned (Wood) Duck - female

Maned (Wood) Duck - male

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22 April 2013

Australian White Ibis

Seen in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney last month.  My birding reference, Birds of Australia, states voice as 'harsh croaks'

 just landed

According to recent newsletter from Birding N.S.W.,  "Ibis' have been tagged for the sake of research. to improve our understanding of the Australian white ibis population in urban Sydney.  We are monitoring site-fidelity, foraging movements and habitat preferences.  We are also interested to know where birds move throughout Australia.

..if you see a wing-tagged or colour-banded ibis, please email your observation to:


21 April 2013

Bird I.D. request

I've heard it said, when you're not sure which, Crow, or Raven, it's a Craven!

I'm guessing Australian Ravens, even though the eye colour differs in the last photograph.  I think it's just the angle of the photo ... your thoughts?

Seen near Pelican Point, N.S.W.