28 June 2013

Rainbow Lorikeet

today, nectar indulging from flowering Eucalypt sp. gumblossoms

Location: Rathmines, Lake Macquarie, N.S.W.

27 June 2013

Something rather special ... in a link

Had you heard about the Cambodian tailorbird?  My long-time email friend Liz, in the U.K., had sent me the link last night, to an article on BBC news.

It's such a delightful looking bird, a new species, found in Phnom Penh in 2009.  I think that's quite amazing!!  Thanks Liz!

Eastern Rosella

They're back again, on a cool and wet Thursday morning, a pair of Rosellas finishing off the last of the crepe-myrtle seeds.

Mrs. Rosella

26 June 2013

Pelican, Silver Gull and Little Pied Cormorant

never have been into portraitures; but when it comes to birds, that's a different story

how comfortable would it be squatting on this cold metal light-post?

a view from the vehicular bridge at The Entrance, N.S.W. where these birds were photographed

this view is at the top end of the previous image location.  Around here, I walked down steps and then to the left. 

now, now, that's not playing fair.  Looks like two caught the leftovers thrown by the fisherman, and the odd one out on the right, thought it'd be easy enough to snatch the catch!

so we go off in a huff now!

and Little Pied Cormorant speeds along doing its own thing

Sharing with Wild Bird Wednesday

25 June 2013

a birdless beach; Norah Head again

 beyond the rock-pool at low tide

 walking along the rocks to the right and around the bend

the amazing colours in some of the rocks; could be someones slate floor

24 June 2013

Laughing Kookaburra, and the Currawong

penny for your thoughts ..sitting on the back gate

down the hatch; that goes towards breakfast this morning

inviting?  Sacred Bamboo Nandina sp. 

aaah, so that's what happens to the berries!!  

and being very wary of my presence, Currawong decided to sit on the fence a moment before flying off

23 June 2013

Lucky Dip - birds

Some left-over pics from recent inland trip to Forbes, N.S.W.

Whiteplumed Honeyeater, early morning, by the Lachlan River

Maned (Wood) Duck

White-faced Heron 

a neat and sturdy mud-nest belonging to the Babblers

Brown Treecreeper; how well camouflaged

I was looking for an ID on this one.  Margaret and Phil have both commented, perhaps a Grey Shrike-Thrush

Brown Treecreeper 

Yellow Robin

Red-capped Robin

 Red-rumped Grass Parrot, early  morning feeding; very flighty and hard to get close

the pair

22 June 2013

Norah Head, N.S.W.

Today, on the Central Coast.


growing along-side the pathway, Australian native, Banksia

standing at the top of the stairs here, had been watching out for whales currently on the move north to warmer waters.  Did I see any?  Only 'plumes' so far out (with my binoculars), but too far to bother taking a photo of

windswept coastal shrubbery

proved to be the perfect place for this crow to fly into, just for a moment.  Full stretch of the lens at 734 mm.