02 April 2010

Day trip to: Sydney, Circular Quay and Watsons Bay.

This week I took the train down to Central Station (Sydney) to meet up with daughter Natalie. It's a two hour journey to the city, and then a short trip on the City Circle train to Circular Quay, where we met to catch a twenty minute ferry ride over to Watsons Bay.

Sharing some photos which on a good day, could have been more bright and colourful, but it was grey and showering. Sometimes I had to hold the umbrella at my shoulder while taking the photo too! We didn't want to let the weather change our plans so as we got off the ferry at Watsons Bay, we headed for the Watsons Bay Tea Gardens Cafe where we enjoyed a nice hot coffee and scones, jam/cream, with lots of chat.

This was our ferry as we left it at Watsons Bay wharf.

How special the age-old fig trees ... on our way to the cafe'.

That's it, a little from my side of the world.