30 June 2014

Brown Falcon

Location: Desert Park, N.T.

Setting the beautiful scene, the backdrop is the MacDonnell Ranges, Northern Territory, and on that dead tree at the fore, a little left of centre, near to the dark shadow, a Brown Falcon will fly ..

no smoke and mirrors here; this is why ... a tasty, meaty morsel reward

Later addition since some have thought I was feeding this raptor.  No, not me -- this was the handler from the bird presentation.  Note location at top of post "Desert Park, NT", as in previous post for the Barn Owl, Bush Stone-Curlew, and Tawny Frogmouth.

and now, Brown Falcon, it's your turn to make an exit, right of stage...

28 June 2014

Barn Owl, Bush stone-curlew, and Tawny Frogmouth

Photos taken at the bird presentation at Desert Park, N.T.

as close as I'll ever get to a Bush stone-curlew!  This one was happy to walk around amongst everyone while the handler was happy to throw the occasional meal-worm along the way

and, lucky me,  I happened to be sitting right under a sleepy Tawny Frogmouth!

24 June 2014

Western Bowerbird with video

Sighted recently, at Olive Pink Botanic Garden, Alice Springs, N.T.

Miss Olive Pink, "in 1956, at the age of 72, was successful in having the Australian Arid Regions Flora Reserve" gazetted. You can download the brochure with information of this notable woman and her determined efforts against the odds of droughts, feral grazing animals etc.

walking through this landscape, myself and another couple, had met up with a hobby photographer and his wife, carrying the big tripod and massive 600mm camouflage-covered lens on his shoulder.  Of course we chatted a while, and he mentioned to us about the bower "over that way".

and while admiring the bower with white plastic collectibles and a single quandong fruit,

I couldn't have been more amazed .. when it flew in!

the first time I've ever seen this beautiful bird.  How lucky can you get?!

just 68 seconds worth, and he was off

Fact sheet from Birds in Backyards on the Western Bowerbird

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23 June 2014

Spinifex Pigeon and White-necked Heron

this Pigeon was quite people friendly, seen near the information centre/parking area...

when the group returned to the coach after walking this beautiful location, at Ormiston Gorge, N.T.  

and another Spinifex Pigeon at Kings Canyon, N.T.

with a snippet location shot from a Kings Canyon walk

and...for more recent locations about N.T., please just check in at Snap Happy Online

21 June 2014

Whistling Kite

I think this is the Whistling Kite; I'm looking for affirmations on this one.  (Confirmed, see later photo).

It would be great to think I just happened upon this snapshot in the wild, it certainly looks to be doesn't it?  Instead, it was a grand photo opportunity during a free-flight raptor show at the Alice Springs Desert Park, N.T. 

with a magnificent backdrop of the MacDonnell Ranges

New addition:  This photo taken by Paul Fergus, tour participant who also went home, referenced his photos, and found this to be the Whistling Kite; thanks Paul for your feedback, and sharing your super photo.

Have I whet your appetite with majestic scenery?  The first of photos taken on my recent trip have been uploaded to Snap Happy Online.  Hope  you'll follow me there, and see what I saw for you too, the wonderful scenery and places of interest, from the Red Heart of Alice Springs to Uluru, in the Northern Territory.

20 June 2014

Woodswallows bird art

While I was away, an email arrived from Laure' Felita.  I've long enjoyed reading Laure's posts on her Painted Thoughts Blog.  If you have a smidgin' of drawing, sketching or painting in you, you're sure to find this blog inspirational.

Last month I shared this post,  a row of White-breasted Woodswallows, showing more and more little Woodswallows, joining the queue.  Within a comment on Laure's blog I offered her the challenge of painting them some time.

Her response was immediate and enthusiastic .... and here's how Laure' has portrayed the sweet little birds in watercolour.

Thanks again Laure', I'm always admiring your artwork and really appreciate you taking time out to create this lovely art with your paintbrush.

I've just jumped over to Laure's blog and see she has written up a post telling all re the process of this art.  Read it on Artistic License, Colorful Black and (Erk!) Ink Blobs  You already know it has a happy ending.

07 June 2014

Pale-headed Rosella

Location: Carnarvon Gorge, Central Qld

These were a delight to see

Birds in Backyards fact sheet on the Pale-headed Rosella is here

not quite as flamboyant as their cousins in N.S.W.  A pair of  Eastern Rosellas, at home.

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06 June 2014

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo and others...

Location: Carnarvon Gorge, Central Qld.

a familiar sight around Australia

Blue-faced Honeyeater, though the 'blue' isn't evident, perhaps a juvenile, or it's in the shadows?  These birds were quite vocal and seeming to always be on the move, hard to get a good overall shot at them as they too, fed on the macrozamia fruits

I was sitting on the verandah with a coffee (and camera) and spotted in the distance, my only chance to get the photo, and the first time I've sighted ...   a Squatters Pigeon

a dry creek bed, surely something would be down there...

a little family of juvenile or female Fairy Wrens were enjoying the last of the sun that afternoon

there was evidence of Pardalote holes in the clay bank ...and a vague sighting of Striated Pardalotes

my luck was running out it seemed

when I spotted this Red-backed Fairy Wren without having my camera settings right.  Or was I too excited to keep control over the camera?!  It's rather like the fish that got away....

03 June 2014

Red-winged Parrots

Location: Carnarvon Gorge, Central Qld

Late afternoon and these Red-Winged Parrots were in to feed on the Macrozamia fruits.  The outer coral-coloured flesh is palatable to parrots, kangaroo and wallabies too.

  The large seed inside is quite toxic though.  Isn't nature amazing?  Animals and birds eat the flesh, and leave the seed to regenerate over time.

yellow-tipped tail


Thirty Wilderness Lodges were nicely spaced for privacy.  There is an abundance of the natural growing Macrozamias wherever you walk.

More from Carnarvon Gorge goes to Snap Happy Online.  Just check out the updated photo-link in side-bar here.

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