31 October 2011

Wattle by a bushland track

On a World Wide Wattle site it's alleged that Australia has about 985 of the known 1380 species of acacia in the world.  That's a lot of wattles!  Green and gold, the colours of Australia; our national floral emblem, is the wattle. 

The first day of September is recognized as Wattle Day



Sharyl said...

Wattle is one of my favorites, Carole!

It reminds me of a wonderful day spent with a dear family member who passed away last year. When we were last at his house, he toured us all through his very large native plant garden in Toodyay, WA. He knew the names of hundreds of plants there. I was so impressed! The two specific things I walked away remembering were that one very tiny flower I could have overlooked was actually a type of wild orchid and that the blooming yellow tree/bush was called wattle.

I took photos too, but I assure you, yours is far better! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photograph (and bringing back some lovely memories)!

Nadege, said...

A lovely composition.

Our wattles have finished flowering now but the bottlebrush are in full blooms and the birds are loving it.

Raw Thoughts and Feelings said...

That's beautiful and the colors combination is gorgeous!

Tina´s PicStory said...

nice shot. this yellow part looks nearly like a heart :)