05 January 2013

Museum of Contemporary Art, The Rocks, Sydney

located alongside Sydney Harbour.  The giant dish appeared to mirror image the clouds above
entrance stairs

 Vernon Ah Kee
From Fantasies of the Good series 2004
charcoal on paper
Museum of Contemporary Art, purchased with funds provided by the Coe and Mordant families 2006
Bardayal Lofty Nadjamerrek
Mimih man and woman of early dreamtime (with yam symbols) c1970
ochres and synthetic polymer on bark
Museum of Contemporary Art, gift of Arnott's Biscuits Ltd, 1993

a glimpse outdoors to the quay where the ferries come in

this one by Ruby Mordabiya

if I remember rightly, this was a silk-screen print


Joyful said...

Wonderful display of Aboriginal art!

TexWisGirl said...

agree with joyful. beautiful art.

Kay said...

I love Aboriginal art.
The wall hangings are beautiful!

Judy said...

I am having blogging problems, so haven't been around much (and cross when I do get here), but I have to comment on this last print!! There are several layers to it, and I find it really intriguing!!
I am so familiar with the original settlers of North America, and I am finding the differences between them and the Aborigines of Australia fascinating!!

Sharyl said...

You have a rich life, it seems! Nature, architecture, history, art! Thanks for sharing so much with us!

Laura said...

What an amazing museum. Thank you for sharing photos of some of the exhibits!!!