27 March 2011

Welsh Cakes in the making

...here's a recipe I've never made before, never tasted, even. My Mum (85), found her hand-written recipe the other day when our chat raised the topic. She said the Welsh cakes reminded her of the Johnny cakes her Mum used to make.

My Nan's family of eleven, with my Mum being the last, obviously just enjoyed their Mum's recipe over the years and as happens, no-one ever thinks to keep track of the one they enjoyed so much.

Today I thought I should try then, this Welsh cake recipe.

2 cups self-raising flour (I used wholemeal)
113 grams (4 oz) butter
2 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup currants

Rub butter through flour to resemble breadcrumb consistency
Add sugar, then mix
Add currants, mix again
Beat eggs; add to mixture
Stir well into a dough.

Place dough onto floured board and flatten with palm of hand (you can place piece of baking paper on top of dough first if preferred).
Cut flattened dough with pastry cutter; place these into a pre-greased and heated frypan.
When browned on underside, turn to brown the other side.
Place on cooling rack.

Best served with butter spread on top.

These are unlike anything that I've made before really, a lovely wholesome texture, probably more so having used a whole-meal flour. I'm used to making pikelets (a batter consistency), in the pan and these were certainly quite removed from those. Very tasty, and is a keeper.


RosC said...

These Welsh Cakes look great. They remind me of fruit scones to look at but not at all with the cooking. I've got my Mother's old recipe card box and go through it periodically. I do agree, it's great to keep some of them alive. Many of the good chefs acknowledge their Mum's cooking influence such as Stephanie Alexander.
What a pleasant tea party! :-)

Laure Ferlita said...

This is one of the things I so love about the internet—I've not heard of welsh cakes nor pikelets! I have heard of johnny cakes, but I'm not sure I know what they are. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe. I may give this go!

Unknown said...

These sound and look delicious Carole. Many different terms used than in Canada so Google reference came in handy. I've not ever done a scone type product in a fry pan either so this recipe is an eyeopener. The Johnny cake here is basically a corn bread done with corn meal and served with syrup. I'm anxious to try your Welsh Cakes soon as they're sure to be a hit.

Unknown said...

These look yummy......I may have to try this recipe someday....

Hassnaa said...

i found ur blog by chance and i heard of this welsh cakes but never tried them before as my background is completely different (i'm moroccan) , i would love to try it out but would you plz tell me what is currants ?is that raisins ? i also just started my own blog and i would be very happy if you take a look and let me know of ur opinion.....