20 March 2011

...watercolour garden

this in my 'visual art diary' all new territory .. painting, and I realize after the event, that I should have started on a page in my brand new watercolour pad instead.

Zentangle-inspired-art, over a water-colour background, using water-brush.

The flowers and leaves filled in with this same water-brush, picking up colour from the tips of Faber-Castell watercolour-pencils.

Oh, I did look for a stronger yellow to paint the centres of the flowers and went for a brush-marker to do this after having used a lighter yellow watercolour first up. I've learnt that the marker is more opaque, not especially what I wanted there afterall, but no backing out of that one.

The broken edge 'frame' showing here is simply a graphics 'mask' I used to dolly-up my image.


Lynda said...

Carole, I love this! Absolutely beautiful.

Jan Castle said...

Here you go again...off in another direction with your tangles...looks like they are good no matter what you choose to do with them!!! You are a doodler...oops, a tangler at heart!

Bonnie Belk said...

There's no end to your creativity! This is beautiful - and you are amazing.

Lyn S said...

Oh this is lovely Carole! I thought it was stamped at first glance, your artwork is just beautiful and so it the notebook cover from your previous post!

Margaret Ann said...

This is really lovely...so light and delicate...I have found the same issue with lack of transparency when using markers.

Ann said...

Doodles have never looked more lovely!

Jill said...

So prety! This is soft and lovely! Love the artsy watercolor look!

a Seeker of the TRUTH said...

They are stunning. I think your whole blog is great. I really have enjoyed all your posts, from your creativity to the mushrooms to the beautiful purple flowers. Keep those posts coming.

Hugs Julie