02 March 2011

Easy Cards with Paper Quilting

Needing a birthday card that looks good, but not so much 'tools and equipment' required?

The paper-quilting technique used for these cards is straightforward, and effective.

I did already have a kit from Hanko Designs with the necessary thin-foam, needed to pad out these gift boxes. It wasn't the kit with a gift-box pattern however, but the outlines are simple enough to create, to suit your card dimensions.


Kay said...

Lovely cards Carole. That reminds me that I still have a kit from Hanko Designs,untouched, somewhere in my junky craftroom .....

Jan Castle said...

Cute 'quilted' cards Carole...I must make time to try this again!!!

Lyn S said...

Hi Carole, just popping in quickly to say thank you so much for sending the first card pictured to me for my birthday! I'm so lucky to receive one of your lovely cards, thanks for thinking of me!