01 December 2009

Favourite Flowers near Christmastime in Australia

Certain plants in flower now are a true indication that Christmas in nearing. We get to see many of the oh-so-beautiful Jacaranda trees growing here; generally on larger properties, but many too are in suburban yards.

Being a native to Brazil, the Jacaranda thrives in sub-temperate zones. I went back to this lane-way behind the shops on two days to get these photos. The first day was grey, and that shows in a close-up of the flowers a bit further on.

Just a short distance away was an Australian native, Illawarra Flame tree. The flowers weren't fully opened up but isn't the colour spectacular?!

Back at home now, and here's some of the beautiful hydrangeas flowering close to our front door. They're such an easy plant to grow too given they have shelter from the hot sun, and good watering. I bring big bunches of these indoors for Christmas day.

Further reading on these plants is in my articles at Helium: Growing Hydrangeas and also, Christmas in Australia.

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