09 November 2009

Hunter Valley Gardens, Part Two

To follow on from a recent post, I wanted to share another five photos to round off this visit. Yes I could've swamped my blog with garden photos; I love taking photos of anything in flower, trees and their barks, landscapes etc. To narrow down lots of photos to just a few is difficult.

From both sides of the Japanese pagoda ..

Inside the small chapel, across the lake.

Topiary horses depicting those on the Brokenback mountain range nearby.

And the finale' - a cool retreat under the weeping willows.


Carol Johnston said...

Hi there Carole with the same blog name as mine I just love your garden photos as I too like to take photos like that. You would have seen the Sharplin Falls photos on the blog, love doing those day trips especially over here.
Take Care. Carol J(Ashburton NZ)

Unknown said...

I have always wanted to have a conversation with someone from the southern hemisphere about the how different it is to have a summer Christmas versus a winter Christmas. The trees are so beautiful.... Someday, I'm going to see your beautiful country for myself.