28 December 2009

Liliums and Sunflower

I can sneek in a little from the garden now that Christmas is done. I'm often so tempted to add more 'flowers' to my blog but then it could innocently evolve into a gardening blog instead of a creative one.

In the leadup to Christmas I finally got to see the product of an 'end of June' planting out of some lilium bulbs. They'd been sent to me by a friend in Western Australia and I'd hardly imagined them to be so bountiful, so soon.

In early Spring I'd wanted for a mass of sunflowers against a trellised side fence. No luck with those because the slugs munched on them the moment they popped through the ground. So I tried putting a seed into a tub near the back door .............here it is now!

Sunny sunflowers, this one is Yellow Empress, are so cheerful and eye-catching don't you think? Will be saving the seed-head too, for the native parrots that frequent here (another post, for another day).

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Jeanne said...

so I am commenting a bit late here, but better late than never! This is an amazing sunflower. Do you actually have parrots there???? that eat the seeds of these???? I have a parrot, but he is in a cage in my living room. I actually heard him say a minute ago. Wait a minute, I am working on my blog. Have you a post of these parrots? Have no idea where to look. Jeanne