03 October 2009

Paper Cutting: Creating your own

Since I can't draw, my way to try and design an original paper cut is by working with my photo-editing/graphics programme, PhotoImpact X3. With an idea in mind, and some bits and pieces found on royalty-free Dover cd's, I'm able to build my own "compilation" if you like. The result is nothing like the images that I took parts from.

With your graphics programme you can re-work the proportions of any shape to suit the design you have in mind, even erase parts you don't want to keep. Then, with some added path-shapes you can paste extras on to eventually build your very own design.

If only I had an inherent drawing/sketching gene, but this is the closest I can get to making my own images. If you paper-cut your own designs, I hope you'll share your method of creating your own here with your comments.

1 comment:

carol Gearing said...

Love your papercut, it has a very whimsical feel to it. As for how you achieve the finished result, to me its the finished design that is the most important, so you collect together random images and select cut and paste what you want, it still gets you to the desired result. You have a skill in defining the finished result and that is the skill, some people can sketch and draw but don't end up with a papercut that has appeal and the special quality your bunnies have!!! No "if only" eh, your doing good! I papercut but in a different way to you, cant seem to stop mine leaping from the page!!