21 September 2009

Crazy Patchwork with an Ocean theme

Today I unearthed an old stitching project. I think back .. and it must have been nine years or more when I was so enthused with Crazy Patchwork.

I loved working on this block at the time, playing with colours, imagining the ocean floor and what I could add to bring it to life. Sadly it is still ‘just a block’ and I'm still not sure what it could've potentially turned into.

I’m glad though that I could resurrect it and share here. Embroidery used to be one of my passions; I’m not sure how it got away from me! Maybe “one-day” I can pick it up again.
If you enjoy stitching, patchwork and embroidery; all those things can be rolled into one by creating a Crazy Patchwork block with a theme of your own.

Further reading on Crazy Patchwork in this Helium article I've written: How to Make a Crazy Patchwork Block with a Theme.


Ruth Welter said...

Hi Carole, so nice to meet you...thanks for your visit and for your kind words.

Your needle work is simply gorgeous...I just love it.

It is always nice to meet a fellow orchid lover. : ) I have only one Dendrobium . It has lovely and sweet smelling, cascading flowers at the moment.

Actually, nope, not related to La Donna. It was really neat though, when I first met her through blog land, to realize someone out there had the same last name as me...pretty cool.


Ruth Welter said...

Hi Again Carole, I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations...you are now the second blogger I know from Australia.

Regarding the last name thing... I think it is a natural assumption about being related. When I first met her I wrote in amazement and told her we had the same last name. I think it was more incredible to me then to her though...it is just so rare to meet someone with the same last name.

All the best.


Jan Hennings said...

Love your new projects and it's always so refreshing to come and visit your blog.