19 September 2009

Kookaburra in our Garden

I could hardly pass on sharing some pics of one of the kookaburras that frequent our garden every now and then. This morning we saw him fossicking in the garden for a bit, and then he flew around the house and sat on the retainer wall there.

We watched him from the window nearby as he stretched his wing and fluffed up to soak up some morning sunshine (thought no-one was watching!) Perfect moment for Des to go get the camera .. and these photos were taken from our side of the window too.

Turning back time now, with a search through my archived photos, I'm going to add a couple more pics with a kookaburra. These were taken November '04 when we would hand feed them (not anymore though).

We had just returned from a bush-walk and found that a kooka' was sitting and waiting out the back for feed-time. I tipped off my sun-hat and stepped out; this explains my "hat-head" profile, so you can stop laughing.

I wanted to show you how trusting a bird can become, if it means food.


Adrienne W said...

Oh, what beautiful photos of beautiful birds!
We have recently been chuffed to have Mum, Dad & Jr calling in to our yard too and enjoying their company, even if is only for food!

Shawna said...

Thanks for sharing the photos Carole. Your kookaburras look a lot like our kingfishers, only a LOT bigger; same kind of build and the beaks are very similiar.

La Donna Welter said...

I have never seen a Kookaburra, thank you for sharing the wonderful photos!

TexWisGirl said...

how cool is that!? i'd have been a bit intimidated by that beak, but he sure is an intelligent and self-assured looking fella! :)

Jeanne said...

That is totally amazing! And really gives me a good idea of the size!