19 October 2009

A day out: Hunter Valley Gardens

These gardens are set in the beautiful Hunter Valley of N.S.W., a location renowned for it's abundance of the very best of vineyards.

The construction of Hunter Valley Gardens, created by Bill Roche, started back in 1999 and were completed in 2003. Walk your way around 8 klms of pathways and see wonderful formal gardens which include an Indian mosaic garden, Chinese Moongate garden, an Italian grotto and a delightful Oriental garden. The maintainence of the gardens is seen to by 20-30 horticultural staff.

From the many photographs I took on our recent outing, I'd love to share so many showing various parts of the gardens. When I was browsing over the photos for this entry I decided to make it just .. a "Touch of Pink" theme.

I'll share more images from the Hunter Valley Gardens, on another post, at another time.


Alena Pople said...

Hi Carole,

I am employed at Hunter Valley Gardens and I just wanted to say the photographs you have captured are really lovely and I think your "Pink theme" is great too. Glad you enjoyed the Gardens, Alena Pople

Susan said...

Your photos of the gardens are lovely - especially as here in the UK it's started with torrential rain!
I looked further down your blog and the Kookaburra pics are great -I didn't realise they are such a large bird.
And as for the paper cutting - how on earth can you do such fine work - amazing!