23 February 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Seems to be the season for awards, and the plus is, I don't need to go out and get a new outfit to receive them. This one, with another big thank you, comes via Melinda of Molly Bee's Attic. This one's an award where I’m meant to make note of seven things you don’t already know about me.

You know of course though; there’s a reason for that.. we don’t usually go tell what we don’t want to ‘reveal’ do we? However for the fun of it ...here’s what comes first in my head to let you in on (nothing riveting so you could save yourself some 'me time' by skipping on by):

1. Love music with a beat, and it started with good ole’ rock ‘n roll (I used to love to dance it too). I favour also, instrumental music over vocals; 12-string guitar, electric guitar, drums, piano etc, and sometimes light classical music (when in the kitchen). When I can spare the downloads, I totally love listening/watching u-tubes from Jean-Pierre Bertrand, starting with his Boogie-Woogie Blues alongwith another talented young piano-player, Luca Sestak. Do check them out if you enjoy some lively music like I do.

2. Have been a ‘typist’ from my early teens; did commercial course in high school and have always had a keyboard to tap ever since.

3. I talk way more with my keyboard than I do on the phone. I love to be in touch but for me, it's via emails. It's just so convenient; you're never interrupting anyone's dinner preparations, or catching them just as they're about to leave the house......

4. In 1968 I was marooned on an island overnight. It was Magnetic Is., Queensland, and we’d missed the last ferry back to the mainland. When we walked to the jetty near 5pm we could see the ferry out there on the water. We chatted with our two companions, and thought looks like we’re the last ones heading back…… Next glance the ferry was smaller, and it was definitely not coming in, but going out L. It wasn’t a romantic overnight stay, with no cash to stay in the island’s only hotel. We walked three kilometres to the next bay in the dark, since that was where the first ferry for the following morning would arrive to pick up passengers. We spent a very long night with our feet tucked up on a bench inside a lean-to shelter at the jetty, in a tropical downpour.

5. Retired from working within the housing construction industry; I always enjoyed the comraderie within the workplace.

6. Here’s a doozie! I lived "inland country" N.S.W., for thirteen years. One of the starters of our everything fur and feathered, to share our first hot and dry farmlet was .. donkeys. Well, they could take on the rocky terrain there, and they would eat down the patterson’s curse and scotch thistles, apart from the good feed from the stock and station agents that is. Some bred, and in the end we had ten donkeys; and yes, many people used to ask us, why?

I wish I had a digital camera in those days - that's way back in about 1978! These images were scanned from slides.

7. I read non-fiction over fiction, every time. Visual, colourful, tutorials, learning more about creative projects, reading profiles etc. Home, garden, cooking magazines and more. Not to say I wouldn’t enjoy ‘a good book’ but I never make the time to do it justice and stick with the story being told.

And 15 bloggers I hand on the Stylish Blogger Award to are ...... (hear those drums?)

Arty Indulgence
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Nela said...

Carole, thank you so very much! I deeply appreciate your interes in my work! Whish you all the best :D

Molly Bee said...

Love this lists!!!

Jan Castle said...

Heee Hawww...never would have dreamed - you just don't seem to be the type to have donkeys - LOL! Congrats on your award...you deserve it!

Lyn S said...

Nice to learn a bit more about you Carole, and thanks for passing on this award to me!

Ann Martin said...

Thanks so much, Carole. I really enjoyed reading your reveal!