23 February 2011

New pattern idea: Whirlygig, for your Zentangling

Late last night I wondered quite what to draw ... was it too late to make a start ... should I just get to bed? Instead, I thumbed through a home-decor magazine, and a single cane light suspended over a rustic table gave me inspiration.

Imagine the light I saw, being just one quarter of the overall design I've came up with. For a moment I thought to call it "lantern," but when the pattern shaped up it appeared more of a 'whirlygig' instead.

I'm sure there's many wonderful variations to be made with my whirlygig pattern by Zentanglers around the world, and I hope you'll leave a comment with a link to your drawings.

I'd really love to see where whirlygig travels, and what you create with it.


Molly Bee said...

Love this! I created a new one too...my first. Will post it soon!

Bonnie Belk said...

ooooooooh! Awesome!

Lyn S said...

Very effective Carole! Thanks for the little tutorial!