17 May 2010

On a personal note:

I deliberated some time, wondering if I should leave a post here to quantify why I've not added to my blog more often.

It is hardly to do with my creativity, though an article I've written is in part, a little of my creative spirit happening I guess. I've enjoyed writing, and sharing with others via the written word, for many, many years.

If you care to read about my hubby Des, you will understand why my posts may be infrequent, though I do hope to be creative too, as often as time allows. My priorities come firstly, right here at home of course.


Shawna said...

I am so sorry to hear of your husband's melanoma diagnosis. I am sure everyone understands the sketchy posting to your blog. Of course we do! Both of you will be in my prayers.

Victoria Stevesn said...

May God be with you and your family. Prayers are going up for all of you. Blessings, Victoria