29 October 2011


Weekend Flowers #18 .... it's a Protea, growing in the Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens, at Mt. Tomah, N.S.W., Australia.

According to their website: "the garden sits on the summit of a basalt-capped peak, 1,000 metres above sea level in the World Heritage listed Greater Blue Mountains."

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Judy said...

What an interesting flower! Sort of like a jellyfish crossed with a cactus?

Jeanne said...

What an amazing looking flower. I went to the market a few weeks back, and they were selling protea. I bought a few to take photos of, but had never seen them before this. Lovely and amazing looking! What a perfect photo Carole!

Jan Castle said...

Beautiful flower...had seen somewhat similar flowers and they all take your breath away with their exotic beauty!!!

Geke said...

Is this not the national flower of South Africa?
What an amazing flower!