14 October 2011


Most every Australian from my generation can relate to a lovely Blinky Bill book from their childhood years. A picture story-book of one koala's adventures, written by Dorothy Wall, published in 1933.

Within the first five pictures following is a different story. A couple of koala 'extras' are thrown in at the end.

swear I heard him on the other side; still listening ...


yoo-hooo .... anyone?

phew!  Door was opened up and he's out finally!

I'm seventeen years old and a girl needs her daily supplement .. tasting good too.

Some of my friends rest peacefully; they've had their fill of eucalyptus leaves

while some lucky youngsters get shown off.


TexWisGirl said...

oh, such precious creatures!!!

ModernaDesignsArt said...

Carole, the koalas are a real eye candy, TFS these wonderful photos!Hugs,
Dorly Weitzen, Israel

Jeanne said...

oh carole! Sam and I are just looking at your wonderful koala pictures. Sam did explain to me that only koalas can eat eucalyptus, that it is poisonous to people. Happy day to you and hope you and your grand son have a fun adventure! Thanks for the great link