20 August 2014

did you know?

It's often late at night when I'm in the kitchen making a hot milk and honey drink, and, a good sprinkling of cinnamon on top.  I really love that night-cap in the midst of cold winter nights.

And while I'm doing that, the radio is switched on, and I listened recently with interest to a talk-back caller saying to the host, "guess what I'm knitting?".   Bootees?  Socks??  A long pause, so tell us??

The answer was, jumpers for penguins!

For penguins caught up in oil-spills; after they have been cleaned, they get their very own jumper.  It doesn't have to be khaki, or even black and white ------- it can be ANY colour.  Just imagine seeing these little penguins waddling around in their brightly coloured knitteds.  That makes me smile.

You can see one, and read all about this project here  from the Penguin Foundation, at Phillip Island in Victoria.  Good news is, they currently have enough to fill the wardrobes of all penguins anticipated to need a jumper for a while.

Quaint story isn't it?