15 October 2011

Fences with a difference

Theresa's most recent post on her Run*A*Round Ranch Report blog, made me think well ..  I could join in this topic with a few fence photos too perhaps.

I'm not sure though if the real idea is that the photos should be taken 'especially' for the Friday post though.  It's highly probable, so excuse me for some indulgence in looking through my folders to see what I have saved.

These first three photos were taken some time ago, when visiting a long established inner-western suburb of Sydney named Annandale, N.S.W.  It's situated within 5 kilometres of the city centre. 

outside church grounds

an old 'front' fence bordering someone's home

another church property

stepping sideways now with bamboo fencing at the Japanese Gardens in Adelaide, Sth. Australia.

and finally, a lovely stone-wall, in Leura, Blue Mntns, N.S.W.  No doubt it's still a form of fencing, don't you think?

It seems the fence theme has originated from Jan's blog, Life According to Jan and Jer.   Here's my link to Jan's latest Friday Fences post.  Thanks Jan for inspiring a photographic theme like this; a great idea for those of us who enjoy taking photos everywhere we go. 



TexWisGirl said...

YAY!!! so glad you're joining in!!! that first circular wrought iron fence is gorgeous! and that rock/stone one - i love those and am so envious when i see folks who have them!

Judy said...

I'm with TexWisGirl on the rock fences, there is just something about them.

Bruce Clark said...

Love the black wrought iron fence. It is very unique.

Jan n Jer said...

This is a great series of fences. That first one is so pretty. They are all unique in their own way! Thanks for joining in, hope to see you next week! :)

ModernaDesignsArt said...

Carole, I enjoy every single photo you share, ty! The fences are beautiful.
Dorly Weitzen, Israel

Judy said...

I can see that first one, the circular design, as embroidery or quilting...
And the rock fence is awesome! Much taller than I would have thought possible!!