11 December 2011

The Shamrock Inn, Little Hartley, N.S.W.

Stepping back in time at Little Hartley village, situated approximately 150 klms. north-west of Sydney; this charming building of yesteryear. 

According to a plaque at this site, this was originally a family home built during the 1840's.  With some extensions, it next became an inn during the 1860's, picking up on increasing traffic to and from the Turon goldfields.  As the gold depleted, so too did customers to the inn, and it once again became a family home.  Imagine the stories embedded in those walls.

Note the felled tree-trunk horse-trough, at roadside.

  Wonder what kind of tree this had been?  A little history connected to the village of Hartley here.

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TexWisGirl said...

really cool place! love that rusty metal roof!

Nadege, said...

The tree trunk is quite misshapen. looks like the house was built around it.

Karin M. said...

An old tree and an old house can tell a story, well seen ......
Greetings Karin

the cuby poet said...

Such an interesting building thanks for posting it.

Jan Castle said...

What a fun place to photograph...would love to see the inside!!