08 December 2011

Poplars and tin cows

Ooops, I started putting this post together before reading that we could now be sharing indoor/outdoor Christmas decorations for Outdoor Wednesday posts.   I'll work at that one for next week. Sharing now, a visit some time back, to the Tarrawarra Art Museum during mid winter.

The drive lined with bare poplars.  In years gone by I believe poplar plantations were used for making matches.  

On the way up, had to stop to get a pic of the 'tin cows (and bull).  Pretty clever wouldn't you agree, and in the perfect setting. Well done, Mr. Artisan; well I might assume a man created these.  Not always a good thing to assume anything though.

Pretty sure they're Dusky Moorhen.

Sculptures in open courtyard before entering the gallery.  Close up of a single sculpture in this post, a couple months back.

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Jeanne said...

Oh my, those cows are missing their cowbells. Really such cute cows an what a lovely setting they are in. Very interesting about the poplar farm being used for matches. Have never heard of or seen a farm of poplars before. Thanks for sharing Carole.

Liz said...

Great post Carole!! I love the poplars and the tin cows are gorgeous.
Great framing of the scenery.

the cuby poet said...

tin cows hhhmmm........in Milton Keynes there are concrete cows! I prefer real ones. oh well

TexWisGirl said...

oh, i think those cattle would look GREAT in my front pasture!!! love them!!!

Barb and Dell said...

What a pretty setting. I love the picture of the poplar trees. The cows and bull are very unique.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and you kind comment.
I am you newest follower,

Andrew said...

Wow! Carole these cows are lovely to see... and so easy to look after.

Jan Castle said...

What a great find!!! Some clever artist had fun with these!

Evelyn S. said...

Wow...the fabulous vertical lines in your photos! I love the poplars lining that lane....and the metal cattle are special. These are such wonderfully peaceful images, Carole!

katerchen said...

Deine Bilder haben etwas ganz BESONDERES..
sie gefallen mir von der Art SEHR..
sprechen mich an

LG vom katerchen