01 December 2011

More from the Wetlands...

Location: Hunter Wetlands Centre, Shortland, N.S.W.

Saving various photos for the differing memes I participate within.  Lots more coming up throughout next week sharing various sectors (and the wonderful birdlife), from this visit yesterday.  A 35 degree celcius day and rather steamy walking with backpack and camera gear draped over me (it was fun though!).

Part of the green algae, melaleuca swamp.

 Don't you love the textural qualities of the paperbarks?

One of the Dianellas

No idea what this one is, anyone?

And a flowering Eucalypt (gum-blossom); the bees were having a feast.

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Judy said...

The paperbark is gorgeous! I could spend hours photographing that! Does it peel all the time?
I am not sure if I would prefer your 35 temperatures, or the below freezing (I did not look at the temp that closely) we have this morning...

TexWisGirl said...

love that bark!

Filip Demuinck said...

The dianellas looks super. I had never heard about this.


Nadege, said...

I love the paperbark tree, great textures.
The swamp looks so green.

Jan Castle said...

We had that kind of tree in Florida...the bark is messy but so different! I can still remember the smell of the leaves - potent!

missing moments said...

love those paperbarks ... gorgeous!