02 November 2011

Scarifier from days of old

Pretty interesting don't you think? Maybe this vital piece of machinery has seen better days, but it still remains part of our history in farming. How often do you get to see one like this up close? Today's your lucky day!

My long-time friends  have had this scarifier for 40 years, and it was old when they acquired it too; using it to make firebreaks with. All pre-hydraulics; the levers you see on top are used to raise or lower the tynes into the ground.

Not knowing how old it actually is, but pretty sure it was converted from a horse-drawn implement, to  tractor pull.

From The Weekly Times Farmers Handbook, published 1950,  featuring one near identical scarifier, it is alleged that after the war, they converted the wheels on some of these units, to rubber tyres.

Now their windmill down by the dam ...

After good rains in Central Western N.S.W., the Eumungerie Creek is looking as good as new again.  Time to go catch some yabbies.

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TexWisGirl said...

a unique piece of equipment, yes. so cool. :)

Jan Castle said...

Your first picture would make a great card Carole!!! Love it!
Paper Hugs,