13 November 2011

Manual typewriter .. and more

I started typing on one of these; around 1962, inside commercial-class at high school.  We started with a red 'bib' our Mums had to make.  Basically it was a square of red material with a tie at each corner.  Two looped onto the typewriter somehow, and then the 'bib' ties went around behind your neck, supporting a red 'tent roof' above the keyboard.  I doubt very much that this routine is  followed today anywhere. 

To the real essence of this post; I was reminded today to make a special post with some of the unique characters inside of Brunos Gallery, Marysville, Victoria.  I've shared many outdoor photos recently, but this time, is some from indoors.

Sharing with Shadow Shot Sunday


Catherine said...

what a great shadow under that typewriter - that's my favourite..

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

A lot of kids these days can't even type decently on a computer keyboard. They just hunt and peck. Maybe it's time to bring back the red bib!


Shadow, shadow, if I could,
I would meet you in the wood,
Where the frenzied fairies play
In the blazing light of day.

But, dear shadow, I dare not
Go to that secluded spot,
For I fear the woodland path
And what’s more, the fairies’ wrath!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Frosty Shadows Haiku

TexWisGirl said...

so, was the bib to keep you from being able to see the keys?

chubskulit said...

Such beautiful shadow shots!

Please come and see the artistic shadows from the leaves that I captured, have a blessed Sunday!

Judy said...

I remember typewriters like that, but only because my mother had one, and used it for many years. Makes me think of the Archie and Mehitabel poems - must go look them up - Archie is a cockroach, and he types by diving off the top of the machine onto the keys with his head...

Ida said...

Now those are some "odd" figures but rather interesting.