16 November 2011

Bondi Beach: Sculptures by the Sea, final round.

The walking had started at this point after alighting from the bus.

There was a whole lounge-setting made of sand-bags in a circular arrangement overlooking the ocean.  Kick off your shoes, sit a while, and enjoy a million-dollar-view.

Comfort Zone

Together in Balance
Now inside the pavilion, for smaller creative works of art.

 Ceramic and glass on fibreglass and aluminium $14,000.00

 Ceramic and glass on fibreglass and aluminium $29,000.00


TexWisGirl said...

i love the sand bag lounge! :)

Sharyl said...

These are some of my "new" favorites! In addition to the really wonderful sculptures we have the signs. I love taking photos of wacky signs! What fun you must have had!

And your photos are just really, really good, crisp, and clear every single time, Carole. Don't know how you do that!

NatureFootstep said...

good looking sculpters. :)

Lyn S said...

What a fabulous art exhibition Carole! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos!

Janis said...

Wow what a great place to visit. Love all the cool sculptures!

EG Wow said...

I really like those signs...especially the one that says trespassers are welcome. The ceramics are gorgeous. If only I had $29,000 to spare. :)

Ida said...

Boy this looks like it was a lot of fun and your photo's are as well. Those Silly Signs are hilarious. Loved those Mosaic Sculptures (the prices, not so much).

lea said...