05 November 2011

Friday's Fences

This is not the same rock-wall I posted a while back; this one in a differing location, and moss adorned.

Location: Mt. Tomah Botanic Gardens, N.S.W.

 Location: Marysville, Victoria

This fence is blocking public access beyond this point.  The Steavenson Falls, according to Wikipedia has five cascades, decending 122 metres, the last having a clear drop of more than 21 metres.

Near the tree trunk to the left, can be seen a light post (surprising?!).  A 350 metre walk from the car park and you can view the flood-lit falls from dusk until 11 p.m. 

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Jan n Jer said...

Love that moss covered rock wall...it would make a great texture. The second shot is awesome...great perspective! Thanks for playing FF

Bridget Larsen said...

Gorgeous fall and fence
Bridget #12

lisa said...

These are wonderful photographs Carole!!!

Rose said...

I LOVE stone anything...including stone fences...and the other is nice too.

Mine is at Time Stand Still.

Nadege, said...

Love the lighting on the moss wall. Shame you can't get closer to the fall.

Faye said...

The view of that waterfall was worth the hike, I'm sure. Probably that fence is for safety-very tempting to want to get close to it. And your moss-covered wall is the best kind of photo--love it when nature improves on man-made!

Gemma Wiseman said...

I'm sure I remember that mossy wall when I visited Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens years ago! It has held its beauty wonderfully! And the safety fence is a simple style blending well into the beautiful scenery!

Ramona said...

I love those falls. so beautiful.
It's an amazing place, you've captured it beautifully. DH were there 10 years ago. Is that photo post bush fires 2009?? If so, just goes to show how amazing nature is. Our little corner of the world is still struggling to recover in places.

Burtine said...

I love the stone walls. The moss adds such an interesting perspective.

It must be a spectacular view to see those falls at night with the light shining on the water. Nature is pretty awesome.

Jan Castle said...

Love the falls...bet this is a lovely hike!
Paper Hugs,

Carole Meisenhelter said...

Hi Ramona; checked your blog to see if I could leave an email from there, but seems not. My visit to the falls was just six months prior to those devastating bushfires.