23 November 2011

The Japanese Gardens, Cowra, N.S.W.

This visit took place during their Spring Festival period, held each September.

 cascading wisteria blooms

 wonderful weeping cherry

 such colourful musicians with amazing woodwind instruments; see in the middle of next photo; it looks like a little bamboo parasol

 with magic hats

appliqued wall-hanging made by a local quilting group
adorns the restaurant

 a typical Japanese home

this sweet calligrapher was writing my name for me


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The Little Red Shop said...

I love wisteria, and the weeping cherry is just gorgeous! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.

: )

Julie M.

guild-rez said...

Very beautiful and stunning pictures!
I have never seen a wisteria tree before. Thank you for sharing.
- Gisela.

Jeanne said...

That weeping cherry tree is amazing! Have never seen one of those before. What a fun festival to go to, and love your calligraphy name. My husband told me that when it is written vertically it is called ( have no idea how to spell this) ..... hitagana. very lovely Carole.

Andrea said...

Hi, my first time here. Wisteria became a favorite the first time I saw it in Sweden, and the 2nd in Turkey, however it is said to be invasive in the tropics so i didn't plant it here. But that one is so very well maintained as a tree and very beautiful. Of course, what do we expect from a Japanese garden but strict maintenance. The photos of the musicians are very lovely too, haven't seen those hat costumes in other photos before.

Kaye said...

The weeping cherry is so beautiful. I wish I had one of those at my house.

Linda Makiej said...

Beautiful outdoor shots!

TexWisGirl said...

so beautiful. i love asian gardens, architecture and art. :)

NixBlog said...

Beautiful photos

jeanne said...

A beautiful post to share today. The photos put a big smile on my face.

Geke said...

I like Japanese gardens. The last one I visited was in Kaiserslautern in Germany. What a beautiful wheeping cherry tree!

Jan Castle said...

All so beautiful...the oriental is always lovely to see!
Paper Hugs,

Judy said...

I like the first shot, through the gate!

Redruby said...

truly wonderful shots for outdoor...appreciate your visit!

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orchid Miyako said...

Dearest Carole;
Wonderful Spring Festival introducing lots about Japan♡♡♡ Beautiful cascading wisteria and gorgeous weeping cherry!
The instrument is called "sho 笙". I've only seen and heard the sound though TV p;) Their costume look like they are playing in the Imperial court.
I'm SO happy to see your name written in calligraphy with Chinese character.
I'm amazed with the beautiful work♡♡♡

ps> I'm glad to read that you used to involved with the Oriental Stamp Art group and interest in Japan. My 'Japanese culture page' link from my side-bar might interest you.
I appreciate your kind comment, And SO sorry for my chaos today.

Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*