05 April 2012

Norah Head revisited - Part One

Driving past these I thought I should stop and take a photo; some melaleucas on my way to the beach, yesterday afternoon..

Lots of native banksias in flower

  You might be able to catch sight of two coal ships on the horizon, there were others too, waiting to go into Newcastle Harbour

I loved that I could get the moon in this shot too

Took this photo from part the way down; I should've taken it from the top!


heyBJK said...

What a beautiful place! I like those trees. The anchor memorial is wonderful. I love lighthouses having grown up visiting them all around the Great Lakes. Your lighthouse/moon photos are fantastic, Carole! Very cool!

Nadege, said...

Wonderful site, the lighthouse is so white...love the shots with the moon.
I just love our Australian trees.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous, this is such a beautiful place! The lighthouse is fabulous!

Karin M. said...

Very nice nature scenes, a beautiful landscape.
The lighthouse shines in the sun.
I like the last photo especially well ..
Best regards, Karin

TexWisGirl said...

love the crisp, clean look of the white lighthouse. so pretty.

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

Looks like once again you have everything all to yourself. What a fine day.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Your pictures of the trees are great but my favorites are of the lighthouse. In case you didn't know it I am a lover of lighthouses and have seen many around the Great Lakes and the East and West Coast. I have posted some pictures, but I should do more as I have tons of them

Horst in Edmonton said...

Great photos, thanks for the tour.

Filip Demuinck said...

Very special trees.