15 April 2012

a little respite, with an ABC award

Barb, of Grandma Barb's This 'n That has passed along the banner to five bloggers, and it included myself too.  Since I've been taking you along with me of late with pictorials from my ferry ride across to Manly, this had me thinking a bit more in depth with word content!  Upbeat, and light-hearted, I hope you enjoy this snippet from me.

A – Australian, a true-blue Aussie, and Admire …people and their talents

B –Birds, I marvel at the many species and their unique differences

C –Coffee is usually my kick-start of a morning; black, no sugar

D –Digital, for the two digital cameras I treasure

e –Escape to the Country, I try not to miss this two nights a week.  Lovely English countryside to see; couples re-locating from the busy parts of England, and looking for their ideal ‘escape to the country’.

f - Friends are special

g - I have lots of garden and I enjoy gardens very much,  but I do kind of despair sometimes at the amount of time it really needs to keep it ticking

h - Home is where the heart is, has forever been a favourite saying of mine

I – Interests, have changed over the years, and I’m sitting comfortably now with photography (in my novice, no –special- tricks way), high on my list.  Blogging is another interest, since it’s there I can keep a record of the places I’ve visited, or the birds I’ve seen, and share it with others too.   While you enjoy looking at it; I love creating it, though “Carole’s Creative Corner” originally inherited that title in 2007, because of the paper-crafts I dabbled in back then.

J - Jammies ( pyjamas),  for me over a nightie.  But don't go picturing me wearing them over a nightie will you?!  I just mean I don't like nighties!

K - Keen, to simply, get it right without too much fuss; whatever I do.

L - Laughter, what’s not to like about it?  Doesn’t it make you feel so good?

M - Mum  to two daughters

N - Nature; as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in botanical, birds, insects

O - Opinion; I always try to have one but sometimes I can see both sides of a discussion, and wish I could be more opinionated then!

P - Post, blog post that is.  Sometimes when I take lots of photos in one outing, I can’t wait to get them all up on my blog to share with you.  Then I think I should hold back and just do a single post a day only; it’s not easy sometimes, to be so …..restrained.

Q -  Quandary, that’s what I’m in trying to think what to put  for ‘Q’, since quaint didn’t work

R - Roast dinners, one of my favourites

S - Scenery; and isn’t it wonderful when you see a new place for the very first time?

T - Tea, black please, no sugar and also, THANK-YOU, for being a very special blog-reader of mine

U - Unlikely to pick up the phone, if I can send an email instead.  I just know that people can read them at their leisure then.

V - Venture, I venture out with an aim; something I want to see, something I want to photograph.  I’ll make it a special outing to achieve that.
w - Windows; it’s in my computer and I don’t know what I’d do without that.  Oh well, yes, more gardening.

x - means kisses in my book, then there’s o’s for hugs. But I wonder who decided that a cross should indicate a  kiss?  Crosses in school meant we made a mistake, and ticks were for the good things.  Shouldn’t a kiss be a tick?  I know, it’s a cryptic question …

y  - Yippee, I’m near the end of the test!

z - Zoo, I went to one recently; a good day out too

No pressure here, but if you'd like to play along I'm passing the banner along to these five special blogging friends

Andrew - rambleswithacamera 

Theresa - run-a-roundranch 

Brian - heybjkoutdoors 

John - Sinbad and I on the Loose 

Shaun - Valleys ShutterBug 


Sharyl said...

What fun! I'd say you "passed" that test in a superior sort of way. It sounded poetic! I especially enjoyed "P" and "Q!"

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

That was fun Carole and it didn't take you long at all. You really do have Awesome Blog Content!
You picked some other Awesome blogs too. I follow Teresa at Run-a-round ranch and Brian at heybjoutdoors. I'll have to check out the others.

TexWisGirl said...

oh, i thoroughly enjoyed this (until i got to the end and saw you threw my name in there!) but, seriously, it was fun to learn more about you. J absolutely had me cracking up - all i could say was 'dang, she must absolutely sweat to death while she sleeps!' ha! thank goodness you clarified that!

and thanks for naming me among the others. they are great blogging folks to hang around with - as are you. :)

heyBJK said...

Congratulations, Carole! Your blog was wisely chosen! Thank you for the inclusion! I'm honored! I don't know if I can get through the whole alphabet or not, but I may have to give this a try.

Nadege, said...

Congrats on your award. Well deserved.

Very lovely and fun read, letting me know a bit more about you.

Shaun_ShutterBug said...

Wow, well done on the award Carole. And i am flattered that you thought to pass it onto me aswell.
I hope you have a good week.

EarthAppleJane said...

Lovely to read Carole. Great and fun insight, and makes you stop to think. Thank you for sharing. Cheers Jane