12 April 2012

Galgabba Point, Swansea, N.S.W., Part Two

so what were they way up there?

there's one, a crop from a larger photo; an Osprey I wondered, but I'm told more likely a Sea Eagle.

have moved on to a location just a couple kilometres away now, a bit of a wetlands look to it

samphire growing on the edges of the water; looking like a little stream

Mangrove swamps

Even though there's blue in the skies right now, it didn't take long after this section of well maintened foreshore, that the sky blackened again and the rain bucketed down.  Forget about the chair and lunch and thermos for tea in the boot of the car; it was time to head for the hills.  An earlier than planned exit.


Jan Castle said...

It happens....enjoyed the pics you did get anyway! TFS

Laura said...

Beautiful photos, Carole! After visiting the Everglades in the USA, I have a much better appreciation for wetlands! Really enjoyed your photos!

heyBJK said...

Love the wetlands/swamp! You have some gorgeous country there!

Karin M. said...

Very beautiful nature shots ..
Best regards, Karin

Andrew said...

A wonderful post Carole... your images educate me so much..

Sharyl said...

I love the bird photo, no matter what kind it is! It looks a bit like it's been ejected like in a cartoon. Really soaring with speed and force rather than just soaring along. Very interesting!