02 April 2012

Honeysuckle, Newcastle Foreshore Walk - Part Two

former Customs House

is now a hotel, dining, conference facility.

We crossed over and walked up to Hunter St, Newcastle, noting the time on our way...will return to the foreshore for lunch.  See the five white shades at the front for dining under, well in front of those are six fountains spurting water.  From this distance they tend to look like pillars instead.

 Unused, heritage-listed, Newcastle Post Office building est. 1828.  Purchased by the N.S.W. State Government for redevelopment. 

we came back from Hunter Street via this overhead walkway 

 connected to that tower

 could've gone up for some beaut photos, but we didn't ...

we opted to stop for lunch here

 and bought our lunches to the table when the buzzer went off (don't they scare the daylights out of you when they sound off?!) outdoors, under the canopies, by the water ....

 over there,

 with the seagulls.


TexWisGirl said...

like that postal building very much. glad they're going to do something with it (hopefully).

Horst in Edmonton said...

Great second portion of the walk. Great scenery there. Also great weather, here it just finished snowing.

Jan Castle said...

What a wonderful walk, and the luxary of what looks like a delicious lunch with a great view!!! Now we get to enjoy it too...TFS!

Linda R said...

Looks like a wonderful walk.. And that food sure does look yummy!