04 September 2011

Snippets from the garden .. the beginning of Spring

Went camera-snapping around the gardens this afternoon to share a bit of what's happening this time of year before the big flush of colour arrives much later from other shrubs.

Michelia, Coco and there's six or seven of these shrubs in the front gardens, and this one in the back (where I spend most gardening and leisure time). This plant has most recently become recognized as a Magnolia type.

Grow to 3 x 2 metres with fabulous perfume in the afternoons when the flowers seem to open further like this one. In this climate they seems to flower continuously year round.

Some of the pretty face Violas

I'm forever amazed at the perfection within a flower like this ... how the lines appear the same, time in and time out; nature is wonderful.  So much is enveloped within one tiny seed.
Kalanchoe: Flapjacks
(read more on my how to grow succulents article if you wish)

and another Kalanchoe variety I'm sure, but unknown variety

picked for a vase indoors..delightfully perfumed freesias grow under the lime tree.  A pair of doves nesting nearby are usually sitting amongst them soaking up the sunshine. 



Bonnie Belk said...

When I saw the first picture my first thought was that has to be related to our magnolia - my sweet bay magnolia has a very similar flower. The violas are always so welcome in spring - so fresh and joyful - and beautiful! Your photo of the flapjack Kalanchoe is as amazing as the flower. I can see you having your cuppa in the morning - you must feel as if you're living in paradise!

Heather T. said...

Really really gorgeous! I love freesia too...

Diana said...

Absolutely Beautiful - would make some great wall photos to frame

Geke said...

How colorful! What a special color has the Kalanchou. Did the sun made the colors so vibrant? because I see a shadow. Is Desert Rose another name for it? The most common Kalanchou overhere are the ones with green leaves and flowers.
Love the violas pics, beautiful color. I agree with Diana they make great wall photos.

Lyn S said...

Lovely nature photos Carole, I adore the smell of freesias at this time of year!

Love the new blog header.....and your profile photo too!