27 September 2011

Mysterious Paper Sculptures

Have you heard of Central Station?  Well yes, only last week I wrote about my travelling by train for two hours to Central Station ..but that was in Sydney. 

It's about this post on website Central Station; a story in photos taken by Chris Scott (Chrisdonia),  in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I hope you'll go visit these links, but please, straight after I've whetted your appetite with a sprinkling of my favourite images, depicting something quite wonderful. 

What could it be?  Much of the world has already been buzzing with the news of the anonymity that has captured such intruige since March this year. 
Some-one is managing to leave in various public places (libraries etc.), these very creative sculptures, with lovely handwritten messages.  When you visit Central Station all is revealed; well that being.. what each sculpture to date, entails.  The mystery-sculptor-dropper hasn't yet been revealed. 

All I can say is that I think this person is VERY special.  I hope they'll come to the party and 'fess up' some time/soon.  Then they can be granted the huge applause they deserve.  When you see the amount of creativity offered each time, goodness, it's simply amazing.
Mysterious paper sculptures

Mysterious paper sculptures

Mysterious paper sculptures

Mysterious paper sculptures

Isn't this the kind of news we'd be rather be hearing most days?

Note: My attention was drawn to this story in the first instance via Ann Martin's (All Things Paper) blog post "Edinburgh's Mysterious Book Sculptures"

Further captivating photography from Chris Scott can be seen on his website here.  Thank you Chris for your approval and assistance this post.  May you have the opportunity to go back to the library some time soon with a mission to capture yet another wonderful gift.  I might imagine all eyes are on the alert now and it might not be so easy for the mystery paper-sculptor to continue leaving surprise packages without being captured.  Oh my; just imagine....


Bonnie Belk said...

WOW! Can you imagine creating any ONE of those and just leaving it somewhere. I love that person!

Heather T. said...

I love those--remember reading about them somewhere, but they are quite spectacular!

ModernaDesignsArt said...

Carole, these paper creations are AWESOME! TFS
Dorly Weitzen, Israel