23 September 2011

...more from The Rocks, harbourside.

Part of the heritage and history of The Rocks on this site reads that "the Indigenous Cadigal people inhabited the rocky headland and surrounding shoreline for thousands of years.

Then in 1788, Australia's first European settlers-British convicts and their overseers-claimed the land and built their camp atop the sandstone cliffs."

Didgeridoo music, quite unique, both the technique and sound, could be heard as we walked from the Quay to the Rocks area. Stopped and listened to this busker. 

 If you'd like to see and hear a sample of didgeridoo sounds, here is a u-tube moment with Larry 'Winiwini' Gurruwiwi.

The time; just as we were leaving an oudoor cafe in The Rocks, which also had this rather interesting quote on the wall
Now we've ventured into Natural Selection Sourvenirs; like what we saw?
hanging on a large branch with heavy chains each end and suspended from the ceiling.
Brass owls.  I'm photographing through glass cabinet.
and fairy-wrens
Aboriginal pottery/ceramics painted with traditional designs which always tell a story; and painted emu eggs (from $AU85).

Loved these open-weave and damask candles from the candle shop

The Crystal Gallery had the most beautiful polished stones and finished jewellery pieces, also this in the window....
and this wonderful piece of amethys with I guess something else/white in there also.  Imagine slicing open something like this and finding what's inside; what a treat!

Lunch was at Pancakes on The Rocks and a quick exit to get back to Central station for a mid-afternoon train back up the coast. 


Kelly said...

...looks like a cool place to visit. I love the sculptures and the giant amethyst geode! Love hearing Didgeridoo music too...

Jacqueline said...

Great Didgeridoo video! Thanks :)

Laure Ferlita said...

What a great visit! Love the owls and fairy-wren sculptures....I would be hard pressed not to come home with them!

Geke said...

Like your pictures Carole and learn something about Sydney. When I was in Perth I saw some buskers playing the didgeridoo in the street. I also love the aboriginal art. It looks like you had a great mother/daughters day! Thanks for sharing.

Bonnie Belk said...

Sydney is wonderful - so glad you had a chance to enjoy it last week. It was a good time to be with the girls, and I'm sure you all welcomed the time to share an adventure together.

Daryl said...

What fabulous finds .. someday I hope to visit Australia!