17 September 2011

....another afternoon spent easily, playing with graphics.  For me it's an enjoyable challenge, and perhaps no different to sitting with a new knitting pattern, a daily crossword or sudoko even.

With gracious thanks to Karen for sourcing such interesting Victorian pictures, and uploading them to her blog to share with all who visit The Graphics Fairy.

I'd downloaded the following four images, each beautiful in its own right.

and two mugs of coffee later?

(click for the larger image)


Burtine said...

Clever idea to put the roses in the silver pot. That would be so pretty on a tea table.

Jan Castle said...

WOW Carole...what a wonderful project!

Kelly said...

...pretty cool! I like how you combined everything!

Heather T. said...

Very fun!! I love the "woodcarving" graphic in the header too!