22 September 2011

Around and about, Sydney Harbour

Arrived at Central station after almost two hours on the train from Lake Macquarie this morning. Then quite a walk to get to another platform for train on the City Circle; our destination, Circular Quay. A perfect sunny day outing shared with two daughters.

Here's a sprinkling of the old, and the new, architecture around Sydney Harbour.
The Sydney Harbour Bridge, reported to be the heaviest and biggest steel arched bridge in the world, was opened in 1932.  Further history can be found on the National Film and Sound Archive site here.

Can you believe there are actually guided bridge-climb opportunities on this bridge?  It's all here and is a very popular business venture. 

The end of this street in the historic Rocks area, is tall sandstone cliff-face.  And just further along, on the corner, was this plaque.

(click for larger version)

Next post with some more pics to share.


Jan Castle said...

Great pictures Carole...especially since I will probably never get to Sidney! Thanks for sharing.

Burtine said...

Thank you for sharing pictures of your part of the world. I always enjoy seeing them. Glad you had a nice day with Renee and Natalie.

Geke said...

The bridge climb looks interesting but not for me because I'a afraid of heights.:)

Bonnie Belk said...

I love traveling with you. Lucky Renee and Natalie to actually be there! I'll be back to follow your links - and, of course, I love Biggles!