26 September 2011

Recipe: Basic (no bake) Cheesecake

This is a long-time family favourite and I'm sure the original recipe came from the Nestle' (sweetened) Condensed Milk tin itself.  I was making this up on the weekend so decided to make a blog-post with it as I went. 

The recipe will be written on it's own at the end; in the meantime ...a little pictorial along the way. 

180 grams (6 oz) sweet biscuits; crumbed
Add mixed spice and
90 grams (3 oz.) melted butter; mix well.
Line a 23 cm (9 inch) pie plate with foil
and press the mixture into plate firmly, to form the base.
Refrigerate to chill whilst preparing the filling.

Beat 250 grams of Cream Cheese, until soft.

Gradually add can of (sweetened) Condensed Milk


this must've been the biggest lemon I've seen; wished I'd weighed it at the time.  It was given to me last week at exercise class someone had excess fruit on their tree.  I think it was one of the old-fashioned lemons, maybe Eureka.

So yes; add 1/3 cup of lemon juice and mix well.

Pour into chilled shell and back into the 'fridge, until ready to serve. 

Is best made 24 hours before serving. 

So let me make you hungry now; go get a coffee or cup of tea to go with it because .... here's yours  :)

180 grams (6 oz.) sweet biscuits, crumbed
Add mixed spice
90 grams (3 oz.) Melted butter and mix well.
Press firmly into a 23 cm (9") foil-lined pie plate to form base.  Refrigerate.
250 grams Cream Cheese; beaten until soft
Add can of (sweetened) Condensed Milk
Add 1/3 cup lemon juice and mix well.
Pour into chilled shell and refrigerate until ready to serve.
Best made 24 hours before serving.


Bonnie Belk said...

I loved every byte of it!

Geke said...

Oh Carole, this looks so delicious. I love cheesecakes and fresh fruit. Did you leave me a piece? LOL
Will definitely try this recipe to. You used sweetened condensed milk right?

Carole Meisenhelter said...

I've edited this post to include the relevant "sweetened" condensed milk now. Thanks Geke! :)