24 August 2012

Do you know more of ...the barking owl?

What got me up near to midnight? I woke to hear an owl h-O-O-ting  in the bush corridor and thought ... I should get up and record these sounds on my camera.  Knew I had the tele-converter lens on, so that meant firstly getting my glasses, changing settings (turn off tele-converter), and dial to 'video'.

Firstly though, here is a quick snapshot of the narrow bush corridor in daylight.  It would look pretty odd finding a snapshot of an all-black image (the video that follows), in your blog-list wouldn't it; you'd hardly think to stop by and check it out.

By the time I had my camera at the ready and hit the shutter button, the sounds by then had become a little eery; you might think awesome, if you have a sense of humour.  I wondered for a moment if it was a fox?  At around 38 seconds there is a single more familiar fox call.

The bush-corridor is about two house-blocks deep, and at the end of the shot clip you will see car head-lights go by, and that put stop to the noises.

Emailed this audio to a friend, and with some referencing through various bird-books, she thought perhaps this could be, the Barking Owl. (linked here to Birds in Backyards factsheet).  There are various sites with the more familiar sounds from the barking owl, but not this possible variation.

Some descriptions offered to the sounds that the Barking Owl makes:
a wavering human-like scream
the screaming-woman bird
a loud high-pitched tremulous scream

Would appreciate confirmation; so  please pass this along to anyone you think can help out; is this the Barking Owl, or ....??

Later addition:  Discussion on Birds in Backyards forum suggests not that of the Barking Owl.  Most popular belief is that it is that of a fox.  Now I'm interested to know what is the significance of this particular call??

Latest addition: On this video clip, partway through, there are two vixens fighting; it is pre-empted with a title.  This seems the closest to what is in my audio. 


alp said...

Muy curioso. Muy buena foto y sonido. Un beso desde Murcia.

TexWisGirl said...

wow! a cross between a braying donkey, crying person, chimpanzee, and toucan. :)

Montanagirl said...

Oh my, that sounds dreadful, like something was being tortured! Have never heard anything like it!

Brian King said...

That is a bit eerie! I have no idea if it's an owl or not. If it is a Barking Owl, that's the strangest owl sound I've ever heard. It almost sounds like something in distress. I've spent a lot of time in the woods after dark and if I heard that, it would make the hairs on my neck stand up!

Les fous du cap said...

Carole thank you for your last message on "Les Fous du Cap".
For us, the photographer's mecca is perhaps Australia ;-)
CĂ©line & Philippe

Pam :) said...

I think you are right, Carole.

What a fright it would be to hear those eerie screams in the night especially if you are out in the dark.

Great post, thanks for sharing your video.

Jeanne said...

That is an awesome and eerie capture of this owl in the night Carole. Hope you were inside with the window open...

Jan Castle said...

Sounds in pain...glad to learn that it is okay! Lol!
Paper Hugs,

Lessandra said...

It does sound like a bird in distress. I listened to a tape of a barking owl (and it really sounded like a dog barking). BTW, I love your bird photos - I consider them exotic since we don't see birds like that here in the desert.