26 August 2012

a few more bird pics


rainbow lorikeets

grey fantail


Anonymous said...

was für wunderschöne Vögel!
Die Aufnhame sind wundervoll geworden!

Lieben Sonntagsgruss Elke

Brian King said...

Oh, I love the crow! The eye really stands out against the dark plumage. The Lorikeets are brightly colored. You have a lot of colorful birds. Nice little Fantail, too, with the white markings on his head.

Anonymous said...

Das sind ganz wundervolle Aufnahmen.
Hab einen schönen Sonntag und liebe Grüße

Mathilda ♥

Montanagirl said...

Love those Crow shots, especially his sharp yellow eye in the first one. Those Rainbow birds are really neat. Have never seen anything like them.

TexWisGirl said...

i like the crow's eye! very neat.

Anonymous said...

It seems odd to see a common garden variety bird such as the crow in among all your brilliantly coloured birds. Are your crows as noisy and territorial as ours are?

Karin M. said...

Very nice shots. Not only the birds are great, and the trees are very fascinating.
Love greetings, Karin

Jan Castle said...

Hope your crows aren't as noisy as ours!

Rosemary said...

I love that first picture of the crow, one of my favourite birds! Is this a young one? Ours in Canada are not quite so fluffy :)

Matkatar said...

Wow, nice photos :D

Stewart M said...

Great first picture - it's aways so hard to keep the detail in the black of the plumage.

Also like the "Tomato sauce" Rosella (as we call them!)

Stewart M

PS: sorry for delayed reply, I've been hosting visitors.

ZielonaMila said...

Beautiful photographs, beautiful birds, extraordinary colours. I am greeting

Andrew said...

Lovely images Carole.. it's our Jackdaw that has a light eye over here.. your crows are stunning to see as are your other feathered friends..

Landbohaven said...

Jeg kom bare lige forbi.
Tak for de smukke fuglebilleder.
Ha` en dejlig aften.

Liz said...

Great series Carole!!